One of Napopo’s tasks is to search for canvas. In this guide we will tell you where to find this unique item. You can’t create it yourself, it’s not sold in any of the stores.

Perhaps there is another way to get a canvas, and the rewards falling off the crab will be different. Before you can get to an island with a canvas, you must unlock the possibility of exploring the open ocean. We need to completely upgrade our ship. That is to find new oars, 2000 coins and a new engine. It’s all part of another quest chain. As soon as you can explore all the waters of Mara, you will be able to get to the most diverse islands.

On Golden Clay Island, there are limestone crabs to the east. These are little creatures with bottles on their backs. As they come closer, it is possible to engage in dialogue. You are shown messages from the developers or sponsors of Kickstarter. After reading the message, you receive an item as a reward. There are a huge number of different items. some of them are most valuable, so as soon as you see crabs, be sure to interact with them.

On Golden Clay Island, there’s a crab next to some crates. It’s not far from a lot with a melon that can be harvested. Crab will talk about the beginning of a whole new journey, which can be difficult. And if you don’t get the canvas from this crab, unfortunately, this award is randomized. If we find another way to get the canvas, we will definitely update the manual.

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