Tell us where all five fuel cells in Horizon: Zero Dawn are and what they are for.

As you go through the story and side quests of the game, you can find items called “fuel cells”. They serve to give you access to an arsenal of weapons and equipment that are considered the best in the game. In this guide, we will tell you where to find them all.

Where to find fuel cells in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The first fuel cell can be found at any time if you go back to the ancient ruins where Eloy was a girl. This place is on the southeast side of the map, and will be marked with a special sign. Once you’ve reached it, go down the crevice and look at the cave. Use the visor to inspect and open the previously locked doors.
You can pick up the next item almost at the very beginning of the game. In the story, you will find yourself in the Heart of Mother – at the closed gates, which is guarded by artificial intelligence. After the initiation rite, Eloy wakes up in a small room. On assignment you need to get out of it, but do not rush to do so. Take a look around first. Look in the next corridor and find the old ventilation shaft. Walk through it to find another room where you will find the item you need.
Let’s move on with the story. At some point, Eloy will receive the “Master Limit” task, where you need to examine the ancient ruins in the north of the game card. We follow there, walk through abandoned labs and climb up the hill. Before you activate the holographic device, take a look around. You will see an inconspicuous climb, if you use it, you can find the second element.
The fourth fuel cell can be obtained from the “Treasure trove of death” quest. Here you will also have to explore the next ruins. In the ruins themselves, you will encounter locked doors that can be opened with simple puzzles. When you do that, look through all the open passages to find the object. If you can’t solve the puzzle yourself, use our passages.
You’ll find the last item to open your arsenal when you go through the Fallen Mountain story quest. The quest is challenging, especially when you need to advance to the edge of the game card on foot or by car. When you get to the rock, go upstairs. There you will meet a huge kite. Deal with it and run further for the marker. At some point you will find yourself in front of a cliff – do not jump down from the beam, or you will have to go back! Instead, look at the cave to the left of the ledge.

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