Iron in Valheim, one of the most important resources you’ll need for crafting. In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Valheim iron and what it’s for.

You can find many different resources in Valheim, and one of the most needed is iron. For players who are just starting to explore this vast branch of Yggdrasil, finding iron will be a top priority, but it can be a mystery. Before you start mining for iron, make sure you are prepared for battle and a little difficulty.

Where to Find Iron
Iron can be found in the Sunken Tombs in the Swamp biomes in Valheim. The sunken crypts look like small stone buildings, lit by green torches, with an iron gate leading to a descending staircase.

The iron gate will be locked, so you must bring with you the Swamp Key. Swamp keys drop in a battle with the boss The Elder, for which players must try to find a second boss.

The sunken crypts also contain a desiccated bone, an item needed to fight the Bone Mass boss!

Swamp biomes, where you can find iron, are scattered all over the world. Because the map in Valheim is randomly generated, the swamps will be in a different location for you than for other players. Before moving to another island, it is recommended that you first search your starting island, since you cannot carry the iron through the portal.

When you get to the swamp, start making your way through it, noting any sunken crypts you find, or enter the first one you encounter. Inside the sunken crypts will be something called Dirty Scrap Piles. Destroy them with a pickaxe (such as a deer pickaxe ) to get scrap metal. Then you will need to melt the scrap metal to get an iron ingot.

Be careful, the sunken crypts are extremely hostile. Each of them contains very dangerous monsters. Make your way through the maze piece by piece. It’s a good idea to bring some honey for resistance to poison.

The sunken tombs in Valheim are where players will find their first deposits of iron. These little dungeons are full of powerful enemies, but it’s worth it. You can also find gold and other goodies that will come in handy to buy items from the merchant. For even more tips, check out our Valheim Survival Guide.

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