These two non-playable characters are the key characters in the story of the game. They are extremely important during the mission related to the search for the banner of the Dragon and the foundation of their own kingdom. Below we tell you where to find them.

Both Istiana and Arzagos are part of the story line. When you get to the later stages of the story, you can restore the banner of the Dragon and eventually establish your own kingdom. There are several other tasks to be completed between finding the pair and getting your lands. But they’re all simple. Tracking down the bandits, destroying their camps s all familiar to you actions that you performed and without a plot game.

Open a log with a quest and see that the game tells you exactly where these heroes are. For example, here may be a message that Istiana was last seen in Epicrothea. Many players struggled to find the character in the specified place, but they simply did not work. There is no need to explore the city and run through it with ALT key pressed, hoping to see the name of interest. It won’t work for both Istiana and Arzagos.

Technically, both characters are located in these cities, as written in the magazine. But physically they are not there! You can’t see Istiana or Arzagos. They simply don’t show up when you explore the city. Both heroes are in their homes! So when you get to the right city, pay attention to the cells at the top. There are portraits of different characters who live in this city. If the first row is full, the portraits are moved to the second row. Do you see the “arrow”? You need to click on it to look at the new row. Just flip through all the rows and make sure you find the right character.

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