Mushrooms are needed to make mushroom soup on one of the tasks of the game. In this guide, we’ll tell you where to look for them. You’ll find out about a place with lots of mushrooms.

There is a high probability that when you receive a quest, you simply cannot complete it immediately. All because there are no mushrooms on their home island or mainland. They grow in certain places. And if you haven’t made any progress in the story, these locations may not be available. Perform story tasks until the old lady from the lighthouse hands you the map. You can then explore the rest of Mary, which can be reached only by sea.

As soon as you get the map, head north of the ocean, towards the Kuruluki rock. This is one of the biggest islands that you can explore from the very beginning of the game. There are many apples, stray sheep and a mysterious mountain with a huge nest and big eggs. On top of it. If you study the island carefully, especially at the foot of the mountain, you can find mushrooms.

These mushrooms are enough to make mushroom soup. Mushroom soup is not only useful for the quest, so stock up on mushrooms.

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