One of the quests of the game requires from you silver bullions. To get them, you need silver ore. In the guide we will tell you where to go to find rich deposits of silver ore. This will save time and be much faster than if you collect ingots from different nodes by yourself.

In the early stages of the game you will get a Noho job, which is associated with the finish of three silver bullions. This quest can be completed as soon as it is received, but it will take a lot of time to find the ore. However, if you wait a little longer, it will make the task much easier.

Some ores can be found on Calis, your home island and the mine when it is built. After several hours of searching for ore, I only had 10 units of ore. And they weren’t enough. Still, there’s a much better place to be, but you have to wait a bit. Follow Koa’s quest chain. After all, the old lady from the lighthouse will tell you about the improvement of your boat. When it is modified, you can explore the ocean.

Swim west to Silver Cay Island. It is a small island consisting of two plots of land and is located to the west of the heroine’s native island. There are many deposits of silver ore here. Perhaps the largest number of Mara in the world. You can easily collect 20-30 pieces of ore.

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