While passing Snowrunner you will find a variety of things on the locations. These can be trailers and improvements for cars as well as new trucks. And these trucks can only be obtained in this way. Below we tell you how to get the DAN 96320.

First of all, you need to choose any vehicle with a seismic vibrator. For example, the Azov 64131. Then go to the Pickup location, which is in the Taimyr. From the tunnel that leads back to the Swamps, drive down to another tunnel and a sawmill. You are interested in the fork to the right and bottom of it. That’s where the marker will take you. After that, do a seismic survey. That’s how you’ll complete your Geoscience Point 1 contract.

Then a contract will be available to get a DAN 96320. Take it, but before you go to the right place, be sure to install a fuel tanker on the current truck. Since the DAN will have to be refueled.

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