In The Outer Worlds, science weapons are a unique type of weapon. There are 5 such lethal weapons in the world. Each of them has a unique effect, for example, allows you to reduce enemies or capture the mind of enemies. To use them, you need energy ammunition, which can be purchased from any merchant. If you have difficulty finding these items, then check out our manual.

The weapon of the Abyss.

The search for scientific weapons is linked to a side assignment called “The Weapon of the Abyss”. All you need to do to get started is to find one of these unique things. The easiest way to find the Reducing Beam is to find it. You will be able to do this after you start the “Skip anywhere” story.

Shrink Ray

This gun can be found in the Phineas Lab, which players can visit by completing a quest “Alien in a foreign country”. Use the star system map on “Hopeless” to set a course for the desired object. Once in the lab, get off the ship and head for Fineas. He will stand behind the safety glass for his own safety (an elegant way to prevent players from killing him). Facing the scientist, look to the right and you will immediately see the Reducing Beam

Where to find the science weapon at The Outer Worlds

This is a plasma weapon that fires plasma and halves the target. As a result, the enemy unit deals half as much damage as it does, and its defense is halved. Use this ray to easily weaken powerful enemies.

Prismatic Hammer

A prismatic hammer can be found on the Pioneer. You will learn about it from the notes on your spaceship’s computer. You can go immediately to look for it or visit Gladys first and buy information from her about the approximate location of the sledgehammer.

So, after going through the security checkpoint, walk past security and enter a large room full of boxes on the left side. Go to the crew bunks and jump onto the cabinets. Sit down and go to the other side through the hole. There you will encounter several enemies. Take care of them and search the bodies to find the key card for the hangar. Use it to open the door on the north side of the room. A prismatic hammer will lie on the table.

This cold weapon can deal with all types of damage and cause powerful energy waves.

Mandibular Rearranger

This scientific weapon can be found at the Hephaestus outpost in Scylla. You can learn about this weapon by buying a special archival cartridge from Gladys and then studying it on board.

When you arrive at the desired location, exit Hopeless and head to a group of buildings at the end of the road. Take care of all your enemies, and then find a locked suitcase. There is a baton in the right place that can freeze your enemies on impact.

Mind Control Ray

These weapons can be found during one of the side quests. In fact, there’s no point in finding it if you don’t have the appropriate task because then you’ll have to run through the same locations twice. Visit Lilya Hagen on the Pioneer to get a mission called the Space-Crime Continuum. He will take you to Monarch and then to Fallbrook, where you will need to talk to Catherine Malin. Then go to the place marked with a marker.

At the end of the job, you will see the terminal. Standing facing it, go east (left) to a place similar to an elevator shaft. You will have to jump, climb the stairs, make another jump and climb the other stairs. After that, you will finally find the Hypnotic Beam lying next to the dead body on the floor.

This cannon can do plasma damage and take control of enemies, forcing them to fight each other. It affects both organic and mechanical enemies.

Gloop Gun

This scientific weapon is also on the Monarch and is the heaviest to obtain. Not because it is guarded by powerful enemies, but because you will need an extremely high level of hacking or a special key card.

Where to find the science weapon at The Outer Worlds

The gel gun is hidden in a suitcase located in the VOK laboratory in Monarch. This complex is built on a mountain and can be accessed from the east or west. On the west side of the lab there is a locked gate for which you probably won’t have an access card, so go to the building from the east. When you get into the building, deal with all the enemies you meet.

Once you enter the lab, you will soon find the right gun hidden in your suitcase. There will be a terminal next door that requires 100 hacks or a key card from the VOK Arms Terminal. You can find this card in the same location. Go up to the second floor and find the necessary key on the table next to one of the inactive terminals. Take it and go downstairs.

Where to find the science weapon at The Outer Worlds

Use the key card to access the terminal and select the option to “unlock the Gel Cannon”. If you have a high enough level of hacking, you can cancel your registration and immediately get a weapon. Otherwise, you will have to answer 3 questions. Here are the correct answers:

  • Protect the chairman.
  • Be sure to scold him to protect the honor of the chairman.
  • Arrest your spouse and enroll your children in a re-education program.

As a result, you will get one of the funniest weapons in The Outer Worlds. The fact that it not only inflicts shock damage but also forces enemies to rise into the air, where they are much easier to get into.

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