In this Valheim guide you will learn where to find tin and how to smelt it in Valheim.

Tin in Valheim is another of the main metals that players can find in Valheim. It can be obtained with a stag horn pickaxe, which is the first pickaxe players get their hands on. While tin itself is not as useful, it can be mixed with other metals to create new types of ingots, which players can then use to make weapons, armor, and tools. Finding out where to find tin will be an important part of the Valheim walkthrough.

Where to find tin in Valheim
Tin is one of the easiest metals to find in Valheim because it usually spawns. The best way to find tin is to go to the Black Forest and look around by the water.

Places like the shores of lakes, rivers, and any bay that has water in it are ideal places to find Tin. It is usually a shiny piece of rock that protrudes slightly from the ground. There are other pieces of stone around that look similar, though tin has more of a metallic appearance, especially in daylight or when you carry a flashlight at night.

Tin can be used to make a cauldron, which can then be used to make a base for mead, from which you can make real potions. Melting each piece will require two pieces of charcoal in a smelting furnace, which you will want to build once you have the necessary Surtling Cores and stone.

Once smelted, the tin can be mixed with copper in the forge to produce bronze, which is needed to make items such as bronze armor, bronze tools, and even bronze nails, which are used to make a carve, a small ship that can sail faster than a raft.

Now that you have the tin, you can better prepare for the dangers ahead. For more help, head back to our Valheim guides page or check out our guide on how to get Iron, another important metal that players will need to collect.

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