Mountain or beeswax, one of the rare resources in Last Oasis that is not so easy to find. In our new guide, we’ll tell you all the secrets that help you find and get mountain or beeswax.

Mountain or beeswax in Last Oasis is essential for Krafting various things, such as a quality winch, and can also be sold. And so where to look for it. Below the screenshot shows the place where you can find mountain or beeswax.

Where to get it and how to find mountain or beeswax?

Usually it’s located on tall trees. You can see it by walking up to the tree and looking up between the branches, just as you approach a tree with a dia, you will hear the buzzing of bees, so you are on the right track.

Where to get mountain or beeswax in Last Oasis guide.

In order to collect mountain or beeswax in Last Oasis you need to use a winch and pull up to the top of the tree. When you’re close enough to the beehive, you’ll be able to collect it. Press the action button (F) to collect the wax. Now you need to get down gently from the tree and not crash.

Be very careful of bees that may bite you. A beehive makes about 6-8 pieces of wax.

That’s all you need to know about mining and where to find mountain or beeswax in Last Oasis. Read our other guides in the game as well.

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