Have you started XCOM: Chimera Squad but don’t know which fraction to choose the first time? In City-31 at the very beginning of the game you have 3 main enemy factions available. And in this guide we’ll tell you which faction to choose in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

In XCOM, City 31 has three enemy factions – actually terrorist factions – to investigate and eliminate the Chimera Squad. One of your first tasks in the game is to choose between “Progeny”, “Grey Phoenix” and “Sacred Reel”.

In this tutorial we will introduce you to these factions and explain why it does not matter who you decide to study in the first place.

Which faction to study in the first place
Let’s immediately determine how much influence the choice of faction on the passage of the game. Know that there is no right or wrong answer. In the course of the game you will eventually examine all three factions, no matter which one you start with (or decide to examine the second on this issue).

Which faction to study first

The missions of each faction are played equally, but the complexity depends on your agents. The only difference is the types (and types) of enemies you will encounter. There are three factions available at the beginning, let’s see what they are:

Progeny – A group of people who focus on psyonic abilities. These psionic abilities include such things as mind control and stupor – in many ways as faceting abilities.

Gray Phoenix – Aliens with a focus on technology and weapons. You will encounter many different alien units with completely different abilities.

Sacred Reel – A Hybrid faction whose troops are a mixture of units (which corresponds to their hybrid composition).

How XCOM’s research works
When you select a faction, you will be able to conduct your investigation (and you will be able to check your progress on the “Investigations” tab in your department). Each investigation consists of three stages:

The Basics is a one-time mission, where you learn about the faction’s intentions. You must complete this mission in order to start operations.

Operations – Multiple collisions (breakthrough mode followed by an exchange of fire). Usually this takes time to solve, so you will have to manage district riots and urban anarchy while you wait. Once all operations are complete, you will move on to removal.

Disassembly is the final mission of investigation. It has several meetings and ends in a clash, which includes the faction leader – a powerful boss with a lot of health.

That’s all we want to tell you about which faction to choose in XCOM: Chimera Squad. Read more about the game in the other game guides.

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