Walk through Desperados 3 and can’t understand why the hero refuses to take action while on a mission? This guide we devoted to a problem in Desperados 3 that you can often encounter during the game. Read our advice and tricks that will help you solve this problem.

When we say why does the hero refuse to take action? We talk about actions such as climbing a high mountain. These problems can make the game harder to play – read this chapter to learn how to recognize these problems and get around them.

A character may refuse to perform an action, for example, if you order him to climb an ivy on a higher ledge or enter the water. You may hear a corresponding message from the character and notice that the cursor has turned into an icon similar to the icon in the picture above.

Your characters can’t perform the action because they don’t have the corresponding passive abilities. You can check these abilities by moving your cursor over the hero’s portrait on the left side of the screen.

For example, in the image above you may find that Hector can’t swim and that he can only use ladders. That’s why the ivy walls and ropes are inaccessible to him.

How to solve the problem of inaccessible areas and objects

How to solve the problem of inaccessible areas and facilities for selected teammates? There are two main methods:

Look for another way to solve the problem. Most steps have at least two different paths that lead to each mission goal.

Order another teammate to help. This hero can complete the mission goal in an “inaccessible” place alone or help open the passage. You can learn about this mechanic during the second mission, where Cooper must lower the rope ladder for McCoy so that they can move forward together.

That’s all we wanted to tell you about how to solve the problem when the hero refuses to perform actions in Desperados 3.

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