With the release of Horizon Forbidden West on consoles just around the corner, many PC players will undoubtedly wonder if it will be released on PC. Moreover, whether it will appear on the still popular Steam platform, as well as on the Epic Games Store. Here’s what we know about Horizon Forbidden West’s release date on PC.

Horizon Forbidden West’s release date on PC is July 28, 2025.

Horizon Forbidden West release date on PC
But it’s worth noting that the above release date is an estimate based on the 1,256 days it took for the first game to eventually come out on PC. Of course, the second part may come out earlier or later, but the above estimate is the best information we’ve gotten so far.

The first part of Horizon Zero Dawn was released on PC on August 7, 2020 and has shown great sales, with the first part selling 20 million copies according to the latest figures. Yes 2025 is a long time to wait for a game, so hopefully Sony can speed up the release of console exclusives on PC systems. But at this rate, the PlayStation console loses its charm.

Will Horizon Forbidden West be released on Steam
Horizon Forbidden West will most likely appear on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

If Horizon Forbidden West is eventually announced on PC, both Steam and the Epic Games Store will be the platforms on which the game can be downloaded However, depending on how many years it takes for the game to be released, perhaps other platforms could be a better choice for Sony.

Sony could also create its own platform to launch PC games or partner exclusively with an existing service, depending on its plans.

Well, for now, that’s all we know about whether and when Horizon Forbidden West will be on PC.

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