Bleeding Edge is available on PC and Xbox One, and anyone can join the cooperative shooter from Ninja Theory. There are 11 unique characters, 5 large and bright arenas and four classes available at the start. And if you like the game, you’ll most likely have a question about whether there’ll be new characters in Bleeding Edge, see the answer to that in our passing guide.

Will there be new characters in Bleeding Edge?

If you answer quickly, then yes, most likely in Bleeding Edge will be new characters, this has already been written about in Windows Central.

In an interview with Rani Tucker, the director of Bleeding Edge confirmed that they have a team that is working to support the game after the release, and called the new fighters and cards “tribute”, which will be added at some point.

At the time of writing this article Bleeding Edge has just been launched and there is no sign of how it works yet. So far we assume that Tucker’s plan to add new characters to Bleeding Edge with post launch support is still under development.

These days with support for Xbox Game Pass and Play Anywhere exclusive Microsoft games have a pretty stable base of players, so the prospects for support for Bleeding Edge in the near and medium term looks brilliant.

That’s all you need to know about new characters in Bleeding Edge. Although we don’t know yet what these heroes will be, it is quite possible that they are under development.

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