Studio 11 bit presented a great addition “Last Autumn” for Frostpunk, a strategy about the snow apocalypse. Players will be offered to go back in time and start preparing for the severe frosts.

“The Last Autumn will tell you what tragic events led to the dark world of Frostpunk. The addition will expand the game universe with a new scenario and introduce new unique buildings.

Plot 113 is working tirelessly to build a steam generator, while the Earth is wrapped in ice. The prequel opens up new habitats, new codes of conduct and unique technologies. The line of new buildings will allow to form a social system and the city itself. The construction of the generator, the top of engineering thought, will require you as a leader of the strategic thinking group in extraordinary circumstances. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
The addition is included in the Frostpunk Season Pass, released for Steam in August. Three add-on packages are included in the season ticket: “Canyons, Last Autumn and the unreleased DLC Project TVADGYCGJR.

“The Last Autumn will be released on PC on January 21, 2020. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the addendum will appear later.

Also now in the trend of ScaryTechnology, so the event is as timely as ever!

The original Frostpunk is now available with a 60% discount from Steam and GOG.

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