After years of waiting in Steam, the final version of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is finally released. This role-playing game can offer the fans of the genre gloomy fantasy world, beautiful graphics, fascinating plot and, of course, deep pumping system. You can become both a muscular warrior waving a huge sword, and skillful magician throwing fireballs right and left.

But for beginners, this RPG may seem too complicated and wise at first. That’s why we decided to publish a small guide with useful tips on different aspects of the game, so you can get acquainted with its gameplay faster.

Note: If you are having trouble pumping your character and don’t know which passive skills to choose, or where to put your performance points, then check out our guide to the best builds.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem guide

In short, Wolcen is a game in which you have to kill everything you see on the screen, moving slowly through dark “dungeons”. A huge number of different skills allows you to create a truly unique character.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem guide - tips for beginners

The key difference from the Diablo series is that you won’t be tied to the same class throughout the game, as you’ll be able to learn the skills of all the archetypes in the game simultaneously.

Tips for Beginners

Immediately after the start of the game you will be asked to choose your initial equipment (warrior, shooter and mage). Do not worry too much about it, as it is only a basic weapon, armor and skills that match the selected class. They can then be easily replaced after 1-2 hours.
When exploring the starting locations of the game, try to pick up everything that is not screwed to the floor. If you do not have free space left in your inventory, then press the “T” button to open the portal to the city and sell all the collected junk to the traders there.
Items have different rarity – the rarer items have more perks (talents), but are also much more expensive. They also have a level that also affects their characteristics and value.
At a certain point, almost all your equipment will have the status of magical, so conventional equipment can be immediately sold in the store. The money you get should be spent on new skills and better equipment.
When exploring dungeons, destroy all objects that can be highlighted with the mouse. We are talking about different barrels, crates, vases and the like. They often contain coins or precious stones.

Tree of skills

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem guide - tips for beginners

Press the “P” key to quickly access the skill tree of “Kaleidoscope of Destiny”.
With each level increase, you can spend skill points in the skill tree. Smaller branches have small positive effects, while larger branches give significant bonuses.
The skill tree is divided into three colors. Red spheres are related to warrior abilities, green spheres to shooters, and blue or purple spheres to magicians. We advise you to choose in advance the path you want to follow so that you don’t have to rush from one corner to the next.
You can rotate parts of the skill wheel to mix and combine different types of skills. By clicking on the wheel segments above the confirmation button, you can rotate one of the three sections.
You can change the skill tree at any time and save open spheres to create unique builds.
You can spend a maximum of 89 skill points in total. You can try to earn two extra points by playing in Champion of Stormfall mode.


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem guide - tips for beginners

You can access the performance chart by pressing the “C” key.
In the new window you will see four different attributes: Ferocity affects critical attacks, Vivacity is related to health and strength shield, Prowess increases the speed of attack and spell casting, and Wisdom affects the chance of causing negative statuses when attacking.
You will receive 10 characteristics points for each new level. Feel free to spend them on any of the available characteristics, but keep in mind that bonus damage depends on three attributes with the highest number of nested points.

How to use the interface in battle

Each additional endurance point gives you the opportunity to perform another evasion. To do this, press the “Space” key. After that you will do the tumble in the selected direction. Then you will have to wait a little longer until the dodge is recharged.
Health is a red bar, and the white lines above it represent the Power Shield. The latter is usually depleted faster than life, but recovers noticeably faster.
Magicians use spells to waste Energy, and fighters use Rage. Both scales are on the same panel as your health. By applying magic, you will spend Energy, but generate Fury at the same time. Warriors who use combat vehicles, on the other hand, will use Fury, but will also generate Fury.
You have two slots for potions. Elixirs have a certain number of available charges. Once they’re exhausted, the potions must be replaced as soon as possible.
Some spells have a kuldaun (recharge time), while others can be used repeatedly until your Energy runs out. We recommend tying spells that do not require recharging to the right mouse button.

How Enneracts and Modifiers Work

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem guide - tips for beginners

Enneracts can either be found when exploring the world or bought from Demeter in Stormfall. Her range is updated 15 minutes after the last time you visited her shop.
You can learn the Enneract by right-clicking on it in your inventory or exchange it with Demetra for Primordial Affinity.
“You can use Primordial Affinity to speed up your learning progress.
Once the skill is pumped up, it receives additional bonuses. To increase the skill level, simply use it in combat.
Modifiers can be obtained by increasing the skill to the level specified on the modifier. Then you will get special points, which can be spent on modifiers.
Circle modifiers are improvements that give small buffs to skills. Some only slightly change skills, while others have a much bigger effect. It all depends on the complexity of the modifier.

Combine weapons.

As we mentioned above, the game has no classes per se, so your hero will be able to use any kind of weapon without any restrictions and regardless of what kind of initial equipment you have chosen for him at the start. However, the skills are tied to the weapon, that is, if your character waving a sword or hammer, he will be able to use the skills only in close combat, and if he shoots an archer, then – in long combat.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem guide - tips for beginners

However, if you are going to equip the hero with two one-handed weapons, to which different abilities are attached (for warriors, shooters or magicians), then you should try to create a hybrid fighter. For example, you can give him an axe and a gun so that he can use both close and far combat skills. Playing these characters is often much more interesting than the classic warriors, archers or spellers.

What to collect first

Let’s say you collected a mountain of junk, and now your inventory is full. You have 2 ways out of this situation: open a portal to the city and sell all the merchants or throw away unnecessary things to continue your exciting adventure. But what items can you throw away? We do not advise you to throw away rare and quality items, as they can be sold at a good price from Mojabi in Stormfall. So throw away your usual and magical equipment, or rather, your armour.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem guide - tips for beginners

When searching for a loot, priority should be given to accessories. For the sale of rings, belts and necklaces you can get the maximum profit. Weapon sales are not bad. The worst situation is with armor, which takes up a lot of space and is relatively inexpensive.

A unique merchant.

When you are on a story mission, you can meet an unusual merchant named Fate-Adjucatrix Zeitgeis or simply the Spirit of Time. He is very likely to have unique equipment (accessories, armor and weapons). For the first time you will encounter this woman at the end of Chapter 1 in the Svrir Cave Network. You can walk to the right place through the Tributes Chamber. Then go to the south exit.

It will have a few rare items on sale that are quite expensive, so save up more coins in advance. The second time you’ll meet her in Chapter 2 while completing the Journey to Madness task, you’ll be a 2-3 minute walk from your enemies near the bridge.

It is not yet clear whether this trade appears in the designated places or if it occurs in random locations. So we advise you to keep an eye on the sack icon on the map at all times. This is the icon that indicates the traders in the game.

Lords of the mods

Sometimes when you find a new weapon and booking you will notice a small notification about unlocking additional skins at the bottom left of the screen. This means that you got new customization elements for your hero. You can use them to customize the appearance of your character, no matter what weapon or armor he actually uses. However, there are some limitations – the weapon skins are limited by their type, that is, you can’t, for example, use sword skin, using the bow.

The game also features 140 different dyes that can be used to paint your outfit. They are given as a reward for performing missions or are extracted in the exploration of the world. To see the dyes you have, just press the “B” key. However, let us warn you right away that repainting your equipment or changing skins requires a certain amount of gold.

We hope that our guide Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will help you to get used to the game faster, so you can easily destroy all enemies you meet from the very beginning.

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