World Tier Cold Sorcerer Build

World Tier Cold Sorcerer Build

If you’re a fan of playing as a Sorcerer in Outriders, and you love the idea of being able to freeze your enemies in World Tier battles, then this guide is for you! In this article, we will be discussing a Cold-based Sorcerer build that can help you beat the toughest challenges in Outriders.

The first thing to remember when building your sorcerer is to prioritize gear that increases your Anomaly Power. This will improve your damage output significantly since sorcerers rely heavily on their abilities. As with most World Tier builds in Outriders, it’s crucial to stack mods and upgrades on gear items for maximum efficiency.

For weapons, we recommend picking up an automatic shotgun or submachine gun with high critical stats. This gives us some versatility when it comes to fighting different enemies at different ranges. You can equip mods like Anomaly Surge and Critical Damage Boosts for these weapons that add more power while decreasing recoil and spread.

Now let’s get into the core part of our build – the class skills! Here are some essential skills that synergize perfectly with our Cold-based sorcerer:

1) Ice Blast – Our bread-and-butter basic ability freezes enemies instantly; using mods like Improved Stasis’ Duration time make sure they stay frozen for longer.
2) Ice Storm – This powerful AOE ability fires three unique projectiles at once; using Cryogenic effects’ mod help slow enemies down so they become more susceptible.
3) Time Rift — Disorient foes and halt enemy movements instantly delaying their attacks which allows players cycle through other abilities creating devastating combos.

Using these three class abilities together will create devastating combos while slowing down enemy progress within close quarters ensuring safe maneuvering around crowds by inflicting substantial damage stacks.

In addition to our essential class skills mentioned above; here are some other recommended abilities that work well with them:

1) Feed the Flames – While this ability isn’t Cold-based, it’s an instant heal that also increases your firepower with each successful hit. This makes it essential to have when you’re dealing with tougher bosses.
2) Eruption – Eruption causes an AOE attack that can cause a lot of damage over time and has Cryogenic effects’ mod which slows enemies down even further allowing you to land more shots, keeping them in a perpetual stun lock frenzy.
3) Borealis Monarch – By using this epic skill; you are able to swiftly move from one corner of the map to the other while damaging items around those areas and healing players’ shields initiating a quick heal.

Now we need to talk about maximizing our Anomaly Power by increasing our attributes. At World Tier 15 or higher, it is possible actually surpass the 100% cap for all four categories depending on mods combined into gear.

1) Firepower: Increase this attribute as much as possible since it increases your damage output significantly.
2) Anomaly Power: This is by far our most important building block; try getting gear stacking both “Skill Leech,” “Anomalous Damage” and improving mod availability whenever possible
3) Health: While survivability is less important in this build since we have so many ways of controlling the battlefield, increase your health anyway so that AI enemy attacks will barely scratch at anything.
4) Resistance: Here we stack “cooldown,” Status Rank Effects” plus “Armor Piercing”.

In summary, a Cold-based Sorcerer build can help overcome some of Outriders’ toughest challenges. We focused on maximizing Anomaly power whilst assisting us tank against difficult crowds with slowing effects through Ice Storm’s AOE attack or freezing enemies using Ice Blast stacked alongside Improved Stasis duration. Using abilities such as Feed The Flames if well-suited for bosses given its ability to heal plus increasing fire output simultaneously. Time rift stopping crowds instantly providing skills recharge time free for additional combos is a significant plus with Eruption and Borealis Monarch acting as perfect additional support abilities.

By combining these skills and item upgrades, we can become a Cold-based Sorcerer that can handle any challenge thrown our way in the World Tier battles.

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  1. This article is a great guide for anyone looking to build a strong Cold-based Sorcerer in Outriders. The author provides some excellent tips on how to prioritize gear that increases your Anomaly Power, which is crucial for dealing significant damage to enemies. Overall, I found this article to be very informative and helpful.

  2. As someone who loves playing as a Sorcerer in Outriders, I found this article to be extremely useful. The author does a great job of explaining how to build a Cold-based Sorcerer that can freeze enemies in World Tier battles. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on prioritizing gear that increases Anomaly Power. Overall, a fantastic guide!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article on building a Cold-based Sorcerer in Outriders. The author provides some excellent advice on how to maximize your damage output by prioritizing gear that increases Anomaly Power. The guide is well-written and easy to follow, making it a great resource for anyone looking to build a powerful Sorcerer in the game. Highly recommended!

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