Or how to use the Androids in combat.

XCOM: Chimera Squad is a newly released tactical turn-based game in which you control a squad of humans, aliens and hybrids (a mixture of humans and aliens). However, in the future it will be possible to perform research in the assembly complex, which will unlock the possibility of buying Android. And you will receive the first Android right after research completion, but the second will have to buy.

You can also strengthen Androids by carrying out research related to their equipment, processor and so on. Carefully read the descriptions of studies in the assembly complex.

But now let’s find out: how to assign Androids to the squad? First, I’ll tell you right away: you can’t replace Android with any hero from the very beginning of the battle. Instead, you take an Agent team in an APC and place one or two Androids there. They play the role of reserve fighters. That is, if at any level was seriously injured your fighter, which caused bleeding, then when you move to the next level, he can no longer take part. And then the game will offer you to replace him with one of the Androids, which you took to perform the operation. This is the only way to use Android in XCOM: Chimera Squad!

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