This Dead War pumping guide from Zombie Army 4 will show you how to raise your level quickly. Raising your level or rating will give you access to more mods, upgrades and bonuses. While you raise your rating by playing the game and gaining combo, there are other ways to increase your combo points over time.

Below we have explained in detail how to increase the level in the game.

Passing Zombie Army 4 Dead War – how to gain experience quickly

The easiest way to rank is to use a multiplier combo. Whenever you fight zombie waves, you will see a combo multiplier on the right side of the screen. The more zombies you kill, the higher the multiplier will be.

Your job is to keep the multiplier as long as possible until it drops. At the end of each wave you will receive 50 times more XP than usual. Your combo can be increased if you use items such as grenades or items that can kill multiple enemies.

Finally, you can further increase your XP by equipping perks that give you more combo points.

From the Perks menu you can select Combo King, Combo Boost and Combo Extension. Both Boost and Extension guarantee that you will not only start with more, but also increase your Combo timer.

If you just want to increase your rating and get as many experience points as possible, you can unlock and equip all three combo pens in your pens slots. This will sacrifice your other privileges, but will give you more experience after you play the chapter and clear the level of zombies.

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