In this Guide to the best builds from Zombie Army 4 Dead War you will find some of the best builds you can have in the game. The game offers different weapons that come with their own special mods and improvements to help you fight against zombies.

There are three main ways to deal damage to zombies, except to shoot at them. The weapons come with various upgrades that give your ammunition incendiary, electrical, explosive damage effects. For example, an upgrade to your M1 Garand lets you install an incendiary mod on your weapon to deal fire damage.

Below we’ve listed some of the best assemblies you can have in the game.

Zombie Army 4’s tips and tactics are the best weapons and abilities for easy victory.

Electric killer

This assembly offers you an option where you can inflict electrical damage to enemies. Electric mods stun zombies and deal damage. The electric damage in this build is not only limited to your weapons, but also has perks and melee attacks, which will add all the electric options that you can use.

For this assembly you will need the following:
Rifle: Gewehr 43
Secondary weapon: The Winchester Model 1897 is a trench rifle.
Special hand-to-hand combat: electric fist
Perky: Bombardier, Isolation.
Object Modifications: electric mine modification B, electric grenade mod B

Pyrotechnic Soldier

As you can guess from the name, this assembly gives you each type of damage effect associated with the fire. There are many incendiary options, mods and perks that give you fiery attacks. However, your main rifle is limited to only one weapon, which is the M1 Garand. This weapon has the only way to fit into the incendiary fashion on Flame Barrel.
For this assembly you will need the following:

Rifle: M1 Garand
Secondary Weapons: M30 Drilling
hand-to-hand combat: fire axe
Perky: Bombardier, Hardened, Isolation.
Modifications of items: incendiary S-mina fashion A, incendiary fashion B grenade

Maximum damage

If you want to inflict maximum damage to enemies, this assembly is for you. The Divine Build offers you everything you need to destroy enemies with more damage. As in previous builds, the Divine build also has one rifle that allows you to use its damage mod. However, we will add more options that give you additional damage options.

For this build, you will need the following:
Rifle: M91 / 30
Secondary weapon: Thompson, MP44.
Milestone Weapons: DivineBlast
Perky: Bombardier, Hardened, Isolation.
Items of Fashion: The Divine Grenade Fashion A

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